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About Ramón van der Ven

"My work has no planning. I go through life and I observe. When I see something that moves me, be it a light on the corner of coffee table, or a person, I will make an effort to paint it. Not the coffee table, or the person... But that something about these moments that moves me... During the painting itself, I clear myself of all thinking, and I just paint." Ramón van der Ven was born in Breda, The Netherlands on the 15th of June, 1980. He has been dedicated to his devotion for painting and sculpting ever since the early age of 18, not allowing any form of artistic education to keep his artistic abilities from blooming as natural as possible. All his work (without exception) is done from life. No photographs or any other kind of media are used in the shaping of his work. Ramón van der Ven lives in Italy.

The Black Crucifix. Oil on canvas. 90x70cm. Burano, Italy

The last leg of the journey back to Florence…


Beautiful Venice, thank you from the very bottom of my heart, for another great season spent in your awe inspiring realms. It was a great season with lots of new works done, new levels achieved, great new friends made and lots of new places to have discovered. I stand humble before you. Untill we meet again.

Blue Facade. Watercolor, 36x51cm. Burano, Italy

Painting in Burano

Fishing Boats in Burano. Watercolor. 36x51cm. Burano, Italy