Mannequins with White Venetian Masks. Watercolor. 41x31cm. Venice, Italy.

Today was a day unlike any other. As I was making my way down to Piazza San Marco, strolling through narrow streets, I ended up in a little square where my eyes immediately met with two daunting looking mannequins with ghostly white Venetian masks, I just couldn’t but sit down and paint them immediately. After I finished I continued on my way toward Piazza San Marco, where the fog had rolled in, giving the piazza a wonderful and mystical ambiance. I strolled along and soon found myself standing at the edge of the waterfront, looking at the gondola’s working their way through the fog.

About Ramón van der Ven

"My work has no planning. I go through life and I observe. When I see something that moves me, be it a light on the corner of coffee table, or a person, I will make an effort to paint it. Not the coffee table, or the person... But that something about these moments that moves me... During the painting itself, I clear myself of all thinking, and I just paint." Ramón van der Ven was born in Breda, The Netherlands on the 15th of June, 1980. He has been dedicated to his devotion for painting and sculpting ever since the early age of 18, not allowing any form of artistic education to keep his artistic abilities from blooming as natural as possible. All his work (without exception) is done from life. No photographs or any other kind of media are used in the shaping of his work. Ramón van der Ven lives in Italy. View all posts by Ramón van der Ven

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