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5-day Facebook challenge…




On Facebook we have a challenge to post 3 works a day for 5 days… This was my post for today:

Day three of the challenge. Today I will post three water-colors… I can’t say what I love to do most. Oils, water-colors or charcoal. I guess it’s because I am equally passionate about each technique… Here are three water-colors, all done from life. Two on exotic locations, being Chile and France… And the third one is a quick sketch from my window vieuw. They are all about 40x50cm. Today I nominate another water-colorist who’s work I enjoy: Gerald Fritzler. Gerald if you have allready taken up a challenge or just don’t feel like it, that’s fine… Just wanted to nominate you anyway! 😊

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Charcoal drawing of a Roman bust. 70x50cm.


Made on location in the sculpture room of the Prado museum in Madrid, Spain.